Picked up a used Presso espresso maker for the fun of it. Looks like a pretty nifty looking machine. ImageUploadedByCoffeeSnobs1380720836.606736.jpg

After giving it a good clean up. Made a shot out of it. Had to pull it 3 times to get a double shot out of it.

Using the same grind setting I had on the mazzer, I grounded 16g of beans and packed it in. Without a 49mn tamper I had to use my scooping spine to tamp it (badly).

Overfilled the water marking for a double shot, gave a slight pressure and stop to preinfuse it (as per ROK youtube video) then gave it a good pull down to hold it for about 3-4 sec before it started coming out. Slight amount of crema appeared on the second pump.

When I first tasted it, it was actually pretty good. Has the same sweet chocolaty nutty taste I get from the Giotto. But by the time I got to the second half of the glass the taste turned to a very obvious sour note.

Anyone else have used this and what's your trick to get a good shot out of it?