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Thread: Saeco "Aroma" advice/assistance

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    Saeco "Aroma" advice/assistance

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    Hi - new to this forum and I was hoping that former or current users of the Saeco "Aroma" machine might be able to offer some assistance for me with this new unit.

    Ive been brewing with the unit now for a few months, and the espresso is actually fairly good. However, based on the results theres room for improvement.

    Most of the time, I end up getting a tiny spot of white crema towards the end of extraction. I dont know what exactly helps in this particular area. My grind is good (texture and size is appropriate) and I am indeed still using the pressurized portafilter (not sure if this is really my problem). My tamp is good but I admit that I am using a real basic plastic tamp and I am not sure if a metal tamp with a better grip (if anyone has a recommendation for this unit much appreciated) would improve things.

    I have read that turning the machine on and letting it warm up helps. I tend to start extraction pretty soon after the green "ready" light turns off.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Re: Saeco "Aroma" advice/assistance

    New to Espresso also i just got a saeco aroma also. Was wondering what ?mm tamper i need to get? No coffee shops around here to size up the tamper.

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