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Thread: Via venezia thermostat replacement

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    Via venezia thermostat replacement

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    So my friend has a Saeco Via Venezia, the old style similar to the starbucks barista, and it heats up to steam perfectly, but it gets to brew temperature really slowly, and only gets to about 50 degrees. This being the case, I assume he should order replacement themrostat.

    The question is, what thermostat do I buy:

    The first is the set of 95 degree and 127 degree C thermostats, and sources tell me that the old Saeco Via Venezia has two of them.

    The second choice is the Saeco 175 degree C thermostat, which would be one thermostat for both steam and brew.

    My problem is that for each source that tells me I need the first option, a conflicting source tells me I need the other alternative, and in the end I still have no idea what to buy.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Would be worthwhile exercise to confirm what your friends machine is fitted with,you can read off the temp rating ( in f degrees) on the actual thermostat.
    One single thermostat won't do much good as brew and steam must operate at different temperatures.
    Other suggestion is check internet for model specifications and buy replacements accordingly.

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