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Thread: Breville Duo Temp 810 or second hand Breville 860

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    Breville Duo Temp 810 or second hand Breville 860

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I am a complete coffee novice and have been researching machines for the past few weeks, and needless to say I am thoroughly confused. I don't want to spend more than $350 on a machine and grinder, which i know is not a lot, but I am happy to spend that money and have a starter machine to see if I use it enough, then upgrade later if I need I am after something that is super easy to use, so machines like the rancilio silvia are not preferable..

    I am happy to buy second hand, and have found a Breville860 for $350 on gumtree. I like this because it has the built-in grinder (which I don't own so would have to buy extra), but it is second hand and out of warrenty so it could be a big risk... I would like some advice as to whether that would be better though, than a new Breville duo temp with Breville grinder (BCG400) for $350.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hello and welcome along,firstly.......please don't consider yourself a "coffee novice",if you can enjoy a good coffee and compared the enjoyment it brings you when compared to a crap coffee,than you are no novice!
    My first espresso coffee machine was a cheapo from Aldi,had to buy a sunbeam grinder to provide a reasonable grind range,I was catapulted into my coffee that's been such a rush(to this day)!!
    Still have the little aldi along with some seriously fancy machines...into the extreme range however,never paid more then $500 for a machine.
    I prefer second hand as I like to grow in knowledge and experience with the ups and down's that second hand sometimes give.
    Perhaps a good starting point might be something like a electro mechanical style machine,without all the processor controls (Rancilio Silvia,gaggia classic etc).
    Any problem encounted could be sorted by asking here anyway,something to consider,don't you think?

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    I really enjoyed the Breville 810 for its simplicity and ease of use.
    The grinder that comes with it is fairly basic though - it has no flap to stop the beans falling out when you take the hopper out, no grind timer, no switch for the portafilter like the better models do. It grinds when you switch it on, until you switch it off.
    Benefits are it wont need new filter and descale immediately, warranty, separate grinder(in case something has to go back, or you upgrade to a Breville 820 at some time), manual simplicity, hidden tech (minimal buttons, PID always 93C, auto purge after steam, manual extraction only) (I have returned one 810 (fouling shower screen) and one 400 grinder (it wouldn't grind fine enough), but was all good in the end.
    I paired it up with the awesome $5 KLOCKIS timer from IKEA - set to 30s, flip it 180 to start the countdown for switching off the shot.

    860 benefit would be shot programming, temperature programming(I think), pressure gauge, and takes up less bench space.

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