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Thread: Help- Gaggia Synchrony Logic Rapid Steam

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    Help- Gaggia Synchrony Logic Rapid Steam

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    Today I started having an issue with my Gaggia Synchrony Logic RS. It will disperse a very small amount of coffee (just covering the bottom of my mug) and then the red light will come on and the machine will stop brewing. I've tried everything I can think of such as cleaning the brew unit, de calcifying, lubricating etc. and nothing has worked. Anyone have similar problems or advice? I've only had the machine for a little over a month though it does get used pretty much every day.

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    Welcome along,sorry to hear of your problem.Seems to me your magnetic water level sensor is playing up ( red light on- indicator).
    These auto machines are very dependant on a correct water level to survive and the sensor will quickly lock out everything if the detection fails.
    Have you tried a magnet in the water tank,in the same position to the level float,that would confirm a faulty float magnet / position,might be something as simple as your tank not going into correct position.See if that helps,I've had quite a few autos that have had that problem.
    Hear from you soon regarding your progress.

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