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Thread: Non functional Eurolab-Grinder/manual coffee machine.

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    Non functional Eurolab-Grinder/manual coffee machine.

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    Hello Coffee Drinkers,
    Unsure where to place this post however,here it is!
    I collected this non functional machine from our local tip shop for $5,so always a good challenge of a Saturday afternoon.
    Recently here on this forum someone posted about a similar machine,searched all around but couldn't find it to reply to.
    Checked the electrical insulation/polarity/general electrical safety firstly then plugged it in and switched on,just to see why it was thrown out.
    Everything seemed to work but for a poor flow from the shower screen,removed the screen and in the attempt I fractured the brass screen retainer bolt (extremely thin walled).
    The shower screen was blocked and appears to have never been removed ,looking at the buildup.
    Nothing left to do except disassemble the boiler to remove the threaded bolt remaining in the group head.
    Ended up having to drill to 13/64" to allow a 12mm coarse tap to recut the original thread,that works surprisingly well.
    I had an older "Aldi" manual machine that was on "to ditch list" ,fortunately it's brass screen retainer bolts was identical,fitted perfectly.
    Reassembled everything (cleaning/checking as I went)back to together.
    Plugged the machine again,wonderful flow and surprisingly it produced a couple of nice milky coffee's.
    This is where these are good value ($5) plus a few hours of fiddling around = a good cheap coffee!
    The onboard grinder was rather poor however,once again it did the job although not as fine adjustment despite it being a burr grinder similar to my Sunbeam.
    Altogether a successful venture,another appliance saved from the big hole in the ground.....not sure what I going to do with it now though....pop it out into the shed with some others,I suppose.
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    Good work!!

    There is also the satisfaction of DIY success!


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