Has anyone actually replaced the gasket between the brass steam valve assembly and the aluminum boiler? *I recently got a package of gaskets for my Gaggi Classic (filter group, o-rings for the solenoid valve etc, and there was a gasket labeled steam valve. *I separated the steam valve from the boiler (took a good bit of work and persuasion) but I saw no sign of a gasket ever being there just a little corrosion. *I looked at the parts diagram and it shows #8 *" OR gasket 112 EPDM 70 SH" but in the drawing looks conical not like an o-ring... *Can anyone tell me is there supposed to be a rubber o-ring in there or is it just brass to aluminum? *Or, is there something else? *-- Thanks!!!

Gaggia Classic (1999) and Rancillo Rocky Grinder
Steams beautiful micro foam with gaggia wand minus turbo frother thingy