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Thread: How to PID a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe

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    How to PID a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe

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    Howdy folks,

    Anyone out there put a PID on a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe? Im keen to give it a go but dont know where to start.

    To date, what Ive been doing to change the brew temp is to use the steam switch in a timed manner. ie on for 13 secs and then running water through the group into a styrofoam cup with a thermocouple in it gives 89 degree celcius water. ::)

    I want something a little more reliable/accurate, hence the PID.

    Anyone out there done it? Where do I start?

    Javabeen timing.

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    Re: How to PID a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe

    PM Sparky for details as he did this as one of his experiments.

    Unfortunately, the location of the cold water inlet as part of the group always causes the group to cool during the shot.

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