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Thread: Saeco Via Venezia portafilter seal leaking

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    Saeco Via Venezia portafilter seal leaking

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    Saeco Via Venezia sin006x

    I picked up a used Via Venizia so I have no info about it's history.

    Makes steam and pumps well, the water that comes out is clean.

    Looks like the filter holder seal is near new, its flexible with no scuff marking on the face that contacts against the portafilter.

    The seal is installed the correct way round, with the center projection pointing away from the boiler.

    The two plastic ramp inserts are both still in place in the brew head filter holder, are not worn completely down and are both the same size.

    With the portafilter tightened down and the handle pointing out at 90 degrees to the machine the portafilter handle cannot be wiggled and the distance the portafilter moved inwards is even all around. The distance the portafilter moves inwards when locked down with filter basket 2mm, without filter basket 2mm.

    With the seal and the shower screen removed, the water only flows out from the shower screen screw hole.

    With the rear cover removed and looking inside I do not see a single drop of water indicating the boiler is not leaking at all.

    The water leaks evenly all around down the side of the portafilter. Some times with enough pressure to spray sideways too.

    I can't afford to purchase new parts and install them, only to find they don't stop the leaking. I need to understand what is going wrong first.

    The filter basket lip is completely flat and smooth and the rim of the portafilter holder is completely flat and smooth and when the filter basket is in the portafilter holder the filter basket lip sits flat and firmly in contact with the portafilter holder rim without any gaps.

    The portafilter does not leak if I use it without the filter basket! The water only flows as it normally should out of the two spouts on the bottom of the portafilter. What is going wrong when the filter basket is installed? What does this tell me?

    any help much appreciated
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    If you are tamping - don't ! just level and pat the coffee flat...

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    It leaks without any coffee in the filter basket.
    I managed to fluke getting it to seal and not leak one time, I put 1 scoop of coffee in and made a short black and it was ok.
    All other times I have not been able to make it stop leaking.
    Also because those 2 times it has sealed I know the portafilter mechanism is ok because the water flowed out the bottom holes normally.

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