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Thread: Faema Family

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    Faema Family

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    I have a brass boiler Family that I purchased off gumtree for $40! Has been working beautifully... but turned the machine on the other day and something ( i am thinking the element?) on the top of the boiler went bang...with flames and smoke. Question, does the Silvia element fit the family. I have tried Coffeeparts but they do not list any boiler parts for the Family. I am unfortunately in the middle of rebuilding our original Family (bought new in Fivedock in the nineties) with the ally boiler so we are back to using the trusty atomic.

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    Wow, that is another way for your espresso machine to wake you up in the morning! Do you have a photo of the top of the boiler? I just emailed faemacanada regarding some parts, maybe they can help.

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