Hi all, I am a CoffeeSnobs newbie with a puzzling problem. I have an old Ariete 305 machine bought second hand. It arrived a bit the worse for wear from the its journey in the postal system and was quite dirty so I completely dismantled and cleaned it and put back together. Upon attempting to prime it on first use, the pump stuttered a little then stopped altogether, dead as a dodo. New pump required says I so purchased a new Ulka EX5 recommended to me as a suitable replacement for the old obsolete pump. Put it in, start to prime machine once more and exactly the same problem - the pump starts fine for a second or two then stutters softly then dies, sigh. I left the machine on with the steam valve open and did get a little steam after a couple of minutes. I am at a loss, there does not seem to be much to go wrong and while a water blockage looks a suspect, it certainly can not be from the inlet side as the plastic tube comes straight from the tank and is quite clean.

Anyone out there have some advice on fixing this issue? I am stuck.