Hi everyone,

Haven't been to this forum for years - really missed it!

A few years back, when I did my first upgrade and bought an Ikon, I gave my first machine, a BES200, to my mum. Now she's taken it out to use it but it doesn't pour nor outs any steam. I suspect one of the tubes is clogged somehow. I started to disassemble it but got stuck after opening a few screws. I did lots of search online but failed to find the service manual anywhere!

Is there anyone here who would have access to the service manual or knows where to get one for this model? or maybe knows how to remove the top plate so I can get access to the inside?

That would be really appreciated. It's driving me crazy! I hope I won't need to unscrew the group head because the screw seems to be stuck too and doesn't want to open.

Thanks in advance