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Thread: Gaggia Classic Water from Steam Pipe

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    Gaggia Classic Water from Steam Pipe

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I hope someone can help!! My machine is puring hot water out of the steam wand when I have it set to flow through the group. Only a dribble through group. I cant turn the steam knob either, it appears jamed. There was a rattling noise just before the "water through the wand" thing happened, just after I had turned the on the hot water switch.

    Any help as to what has gone wrong/how to fix would be appreciated as I am sorely missing my expresso. Plunger ust dosnt do it for me amymore! :-[

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Water from Steam Pipe

    Id take it back to your retailer abev and see if they can fix it or replace it for you...


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    Re: Gaggia Classic Water from Steam Pipe

    Are you mechanically inclined? Good with fixes? tools? etc?

    I agree take it too a retailer and have it fixed.


    Have you descaled your machine lately?...
    Tested ur water hardness using basic aquarium kit?...
    Have you removed your shower screen holder and pressure release valve?...
    ie. see link for part im referring too. 1QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

    Have you ever opened your machine?
    Have you ever had it serviced?
    Sometimes the knob on the steam arm can get get jammed easily.
    Remove your lid. look inside where your steam arm is....Pull on the plastic comes off then try and rotate the brass portion with a set of pliers very gently.
    It should rotate...if not..ur in can purchase a brand new steam replacement at supercoffeeman. or take it for servicing. If it does turn...ur fine. Just put
    back the plastic part watching it carefully with the top off...

    This sounds like mega build up of scale..maybe a giant stuck inside or your brew thermostat has died. Simple to purchase and put back in.

    ..heres an excellent troubleshooting link:


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    Re: Gaggia Classic Water from Steam Pipe

    Thanks Pravspresso, have never fiddled with a cof machine before, but can do minor car stuff, household appliances. etc, so I figure worth trying myself if I can get the good info. re wht I need to look at. Your post a great start. Ta

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