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Thread: Repairing EM6910 collar

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    Repairing EM6910 collar

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    Hi again,

    Since buying several second hand EM6910 machines off gum tree for next to nothing it was frustrating that the only part i couldn't fix by myself was the collar.

    I took a collar to a Welding trainer at a Tafe and asked him if it could be welded. He explained to me that it was a very porous cast aluminum alloy and the only thing he could think of trying to tig weld it to keep the heat to a minimal area.
    The results were underwhelming and he said the material was of such poor quality it just kept collapsing from under the pool.

    Instead i used JBweld to build up the worn section of the collar and then shaped it with a dremel. I drilled the section slightly to help the JBweld hold. It looks a bit messy but i haven't finished this collar.

    The last thing i did was design a tamper which has a lip on it, this allows me to put the correct volume of coffee in every time and also helps me tamp level, it is also a better fit than the original tamper so i dont get channelling down the outside of the basket. So if i overdose i can see the tamper hasn't touched the basket and i take some out, and if i havent added enough i get a failed coffee and a soggy puck but i would rather redo the odd coffee then have to keep replacing collars.

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    Demo flash, you can replace the grouphead(collar)yourself. I did it on my 6910 a couple of years ago. Brought 1 online and it worked great. Not hard to fit, just a bit of time and a few hand tools required.
    My 6910 is in the “pay it forward” section to give away.

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    Attempt at tig welding collar

    Drilling to give JB weld something to stick to

    Final product

    3d Printed a tamper with a lip 8mm high which stops me from overdosing. It is perfectly 1mm updosed. also stops me tamping crooked. Worst that happens is that i underdose but thats better than wrecking the coffee machine.

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