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Thread: 9 year old Gaggia Classic - resale?

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    9 year old Gaggia Classic - resale?

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    Hey, I'm about to purchase a new machine and the old Gaggia will have to go... just wondering whether anyone can offer some suggestions on what to sell it for? It's been maintained and well looked after by myself since new, we had to replace a steam valve (I think) about 2 years ago and I upgraded to the silvia steam arm a few years ago, group seals replaced yearly, new shower screen this year. Works just like it did the day I brought it home. I just have no idea what they are worth as there doesn't seem to be many second hand ones around at the moment! Thanks!

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    There are a couple currently on ebay locally and another half dozen from international sellers. They should give you some sort of guide if you compare ages and conditions. Check sold listings too.

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    $150 is a bargain that sells quickly. $250 is seen fairly often, anything higher tends to hang around for a long time from what I’ve seen.

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