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Thread: Swap Ascaso Dream for BES250?

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    Swap Ascaso Dream for BES250?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My wife bought me an Ascaso Dream years back and it's been a great machine, except for the maintenance. I have to replace the gaskets and seals every few months and it's not cheap ordering the service pack every time.

    So I'm looking for a replacement that's a little easier to maintain. I was looking at Breville's BES870 but I'm thinking the 250 will suit me fine. I make one coffee a day and I use a hand grinder. I don't want a pod machine and I'm not interested in spending over $600.

    Any thoughts?

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    Welcome "nessjez"...

    Have you had a scan through the CS Hardware 4-Sale category as yet?
    Some great buys in there from people who treat their machines with tender loving care, for example...


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