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Thread: Newbie looking for filter basket(s)

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    Newbie looking for filter basket(s)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Guys n gals, let me preface this by being completely honest in saying that I am only here for my own short-term gain, and whilst I like a good coffee, I am not as passionate as others around here, nor am I likely to get involved in the forums in any meaningful way. I have searched and read through quite a lot of your forum, and it certainly looks like a comparatively friendly place, so Im hoping I may luck-out.

    Now, on to my issue. At the weekend, I bought a Sunbeam Club Cappuccino 120 at a local trash n treasure for the princely sum of $10. It was apparently an unused (I would agree, I can see no signs of use) gift which had been sitting in the shed for the better part of 10 years. I took it home and cleaned it up, running some water through it to verify the operation of the pump/heater, and to give things a good flush out.

    I then proceeded to make a cuppa, only to find that both the 1-cup and 2-cup baskets are missing. I have been in contact with Sunbeam who inform me that parts are no longer available for this machine, and none of the baskets from current machines are likely to fit. I see in some of the forums that people have used Krups baskets in Sunbeam machines, etc. so Im hoping that there is a solution.

    I can measure the diameter and depth of the portafilter if thats any help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Newbie looking for filter basket(s)

    You can try taking your portafilter to a retailer like Myer, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, and trying out their baskets until one fits. Then order that one from the manufacturer.


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    Re: Newbie looking for filter basket(s)

    Hi and welcome mr short term gain. Im no expert but the Krups baskets you are refering to suit the current sunbeam models so i doubt they will fit your machine (although i may be wrong)! Perhaps a pic of your portafilter as well as the measurements will help.

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