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Thread: Non-pressurized portafilter/Basket on my espresso

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    Non-pressurized portafilter/Basket on my espresso

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    I am working with a company that require me to live in one of middle east countries, and unfortunately i couldn't find a decent espresso machine but this one.. check attached.

    It's came with stupid pressurized basket, and the espresso taste (No comment)

    The basket and PF (photos attached), so the question is that, can i install Non- Pressurized basket on this PF ? any advice with brand that fit this? from amazon or somewhere else?

    Or, is there any good machine with Non- Pressurized basket on this PF i can ship to the country i lived in? 220V

    Please advise.

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    Hi again Raied. If you search for "51mm Non Pressurized Filter Basket" on Amazon or Ebay there are many that will work. That machine you have is manufactured by many companies in China and sold under many brands with different cases but the same internals. None of them are particularly amazing machines, and I'm not aware of any worthwhile machines that use a 51mm basket that your could use the baskets from.

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