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Thread: newbie advice

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    newbie advice

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    Im looking at buying the sunbeam em5800. *its within my budget and without knowing a great deal about the machines it appears to be up to the task. *Ive searched the forums and have found several people have owned them and it doesnt appear that they have to many complaints. *From reading the forums it appears that once you buy a machine there are several upgrade options such as the non-pressure baskets *etc. *Is there somewhere on the Forum that will explain the differences and why the change should be made and also what is the difference between a thermoblock / boiler.

    Thanks in advance and I hope I wont be disappointed with my first foray into making proper coffee at home.....cant drink instant so i hope it is worth it

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    Re: newbie advice


    Hi and welcome to CoffeeSnobs...

    Have a read of :

    I posted this some time ago re Breville Ikon in response to a similar question.

    Good luck with your journey.... and if unsure of something, there are plenty of us here willing to help.

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    Re: newbie advice

    Hey jcl,

    As someone who had an em5800 for a year before upgrading to a Silvia, can I just add my opinion.

    Yes its a reasonable machine and definitely worth getting the Krups non pressurised basket, but only if youre going to grind your own beans or buy them freshly ground every few days.

    The main thing is the price. I dont believe its worth the RRP price of $399 and if you shop around you should get it a lot cheaper (I got mine for around $270). Otherwise if youre paying full price, for an extra $200 you could upgrade to a Gaggia or similar. Or even save a bit longer and get a Silvia. Well worth it.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: newbie advice

    My advice is to save up an extra $150 - $200 (the price varies) and get yourself a gaggia classic for around the $600 price.

    It will last you a lot longer than the sunbeam and you do not have to do any mods.

    With either machine you will also need to get a decent burr grinder. The cheapest option for this is a turkish hand grinder for about $60, or if you want an electric grinder I would recommend a Gaggia MDF, although they are still being shipped to Australia at present (gives you time to save). The other base electric grinder is the Iberital Challenger. These are about $300. Never get one of those spice grinder whizzy whirry things.

    The hand grinder is always handy to have. We take ours camping with us and it has come in useful during a power cut.

    Now - if you have to justify these costs to a partner, you can always do what I did and start roasting your own beans its easy if you start with a popper. You will also notice the difference in the standard of coffee in your house and you will also have lots of visitors.

    What state are you in? It may also give us a guide to pointing you to the right site sponsor too.

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