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Thread: New Gaggia Users Group on Yahoo

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    New Gaggia Users Group on Yahoo

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    There is a new Yahoo group starting up that is just for Gaggias.
    You might want to check it out


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    Re: New Gaggia Users Group on Yahoo

    hanks susan - have joined up. Not much on there yet Im afraid.

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    Re: New Gaggia Users Group on Yahoo

    Its true, but thats why we need you.

    And, in fact, although there arent a lot of conversations going on yet, there are rather a good number of files and links that we are hoping will become even more populated as more people add their best Gaggia finds, successes, methodologies, etc.

    Thanks for coming along, Lucinda.

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    Re: New Gaggia Users Group on Yahoo

    Just joined up as well

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    Very old thread, but what the hell. The Gaggia Group on Yahoo was once decent, but has gotten stale and quite boring, same as the moderators that are making a half-a$$ed attempt to control it.

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    Absolutely agree with shadow745 Gaggia Group on Yahoo stinks.

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    Do tell...

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