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Thread: Cafe Roma (Breville ) - Filter holder

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    Cafe Roma (Breville ) - Filter holder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I have an old Cafe Roma, a couple of years old anyway, and I need to replace the filter holder....How do I go about this, and how quickly can I get a replacement? Are there other brands that will match? I have a local Breville/Kambrook outlet and I think they sometimes have spare parts.....

    I put ours in the dishwasher and the metal cup part of it turned black and black powderey gunk just keeps coming off it. I dont want to be drinking that!

    Any advice appreciated.


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    Re: Cafe Roma (Breville ) - Filter holder

    I havent done this! But in the absence of any other replies. i would try scrubbing the black stuff off with a scotchbrite and then using a little metal polish to see what it looks like before ditching it. Washing thoroughly afterwards of course.

    However, any Breville service agent should be able to get you a newby.


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    Re: Cafe Roma (Breville ) - Filter holder

    Yes ring the Breville 1800 number and they will post you some new ones. Given youve owned it a few years, there might be a small charge but I wouldnt think it would be that expensive. The manual does say not to put any of the accessories in the dishwasher, I remember when I owned it I was tempted a few times ;-)

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