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Thread: Isomac Giada leaks while warming

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    Isomac Giada leaks while warming

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    We have an old Isomac Giada which has served us well but recently it has developed a fault. While it comes up to temperature water dribbles out of the group and just as it reaches temperature steam comes out. Then when brewing the coffee it takes a bit longer for the water to come through, and the heater light comes back on before the brew is complete.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Im thinking that unless this is a very trivial fault it might not be worth fixing and I might have to join the $500-1500 group ;)

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    Re: Isomac Giada leaks while warming

    could take it to a sponsor to get it serviced, or get a new HX? The Expobar HX might be within touching distance.

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    Re: Isomac Giada leaks while warming

    Actually we went out and got a 6910 :D

    I completely dismantled the Isomac and descaled the inside of the boiler. I think the problem was the spring above the group nut had compressed so it wasnt pushing the rubber valve closed anymore. I stretched the spring and its working fine again - time to sell I think.

    I could have fixed it without taking apart the whole machine but that wouldnt have been nearly as fun.

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