:) I have a Gaggia Expresso Deluxe machine which by and large, with some experimentation, produces quite a reasonable coffee for an inexpensive home machine.
Last year it started pushing out lots of steam from the group area (yes, I find doing the milk partially first works best for me!) whilst the steam pressure is building up.
In fact so much so I can hardly see the jug until some of the pressure is released through the wand!
Took it into my usual service place in Sydney and they did a service, replaced the steam valve, grommet valve and some seals etc. Got it home from Sydney (we live the other side of Bathurst) only to find it still does the same thing. Thought I would let it bed down so have not done anything for 6 months.
Dont feel like another expensive freight and service so has anyone got any clues or had the same problem? Everything looks pretty simple with the cover off.
Dont know if this is relevant, but when brewing the pump makes differing noises ie sometimes the coffee seems laboured into the cups other times flows almost too freely.
Any help would be appreciated.