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Thread: rinsing depressurized vv

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    rinsing depressurized vv

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    Having depresurrized the portafilter Im now uncertain about how to rinse left over grinds after each extraction. *I used to wiggle the group handle under a bit of pressure to force the water up to the gasket and flush out the gap. *Now theres no pressure. *If I construct a "blind" filter or some sort of plate to insert in the bottom of the basket will this work? *Other suggestions?



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    Re: rinsing depressurized vv

    How about running brew switch without portafilter in and use a brush to clean gasket etc?

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    Re: rinsing depressurized vv


    I own a Saeco V/V and used it up until October 2007 and did exactly as greenman suggested. At intervals, I also unscrewed the shower- head and cleaned inside that before reassembling it.

    It didnt seem right to utilise a blind filter because I dont think the V/V has a three way valve... once you tried to unlock the portafilter the built- up pressure would make it difficult to remove, and you would probably have very hot water squirting everywhere. To be avoided, I think.

    Dont forget also to run a cleaner like Cafetta though the group to clean it every now and again.


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