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Thread: Sunbeam 4800 Group head seal

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    Sunbeam 4800 Group head seal

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    Ive been using the krups baskets on this machine for a while now (around 6 months). *In the last couple of months Ive had water leaking from the brewing head every now again. *Tightening the filter handle a little bit more each time has been workable, but Im at the point now where the rubber seal (which I assume is the source of the problem) needs to be replaced. *

    I read a couple of threads here where people have recommended replacing the sunbeam seal with a krups one. *Is there any significant difference in the two? *What advantages does the Krups have? *Anyone got a part number for the krups seal?



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    Re: Sunbeam 4800 Group head seal

    hi tim
    the sunbeam seal seems to last quite well, the seal needs replacing when you need to pull the filter handle all the way to the stop

    a common problem is that the 4 screws holding the filter support come loose and need to be retightened.

    these screws are viewed from underneath were the filter handle goes in

    dont over tighten as it is only aluminium

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