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Thread: Of Breville, Sunbeam and Gaggia

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    Of Breville, Sunbeam and Gaggia

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Guys! I am new to CoffeeSnobs and I absolutely think it is AWESOME! Im a student from Malaysia now in Melbourne for studies. I became a coffee addict last year, and got myself into latte art and the whole deal.

    I hope you guys can help me with a decision. I am planning to get a coffee machine thats not too expensive, preferably AUD$300 MAX. However if theres something just little more than that thats worth considering, i might save up for that. Im not really into online shopping as I believe the replacement guarantee is AWESOME when i get it from Big W or other major retailers.

    I have my eyes on the BREVILLE IKON - SEB400 now but Im still in a dilemma. I started off with a Sunbeam EM3600 which did an EXCELLENT job for me. Got used to the steam wand and now I LOVE steel wands, instead of the plastic foam enhancers. I have also used a Gaggia Cubika but thought that was complete crap(any comments?). I returned the Gaggia.

    So, are there any machines that you guys can recommend? The Gaggia Synchrony Logic and Gaggia Cubika is on sale now at Big W. I would get the Synchrony if it wasnt automatic. I got hooked to manually making espressos with the filter basket. It even has a built in grinder. Also, the Cubika had lots of bad reviews, and I didnt like the steam wand. It also didnt give me enough crema (is that the pre-ground beans problem or because its a lousy machine?). If you guys think that the Gaggia Cubika is worthy of my $198, and if you can assure me enough crema with freshly ground beans(i would get the sunbeam em0480 if I buy the cubika), I dont mind getting it again. Maybe I just have to pull off the panarello wand and stick with the VERY SHORT basic steel wand. However if the Breville Ikon, in your opinion, is WAY BETTER (i read about the 200ml steel boiler), then Ill go for that one for $285 at Harvey Norman. Any other machines worth considering?


    thanks! ;)

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    Re: Of Breville, Sunbeam and Gaggia

    the gaggia cubika is a good machine at its price.

    because this machine uses commercial filters the grind needs to be spot on.
    the supermarket coffee will work better through the breville ikon than the cubika (ikon has dual wall filters, designed for use with supermarket multi use preground (drip filter grind) too course for commercial filters and too fine for plunger.

    find best grind just slightly coarser than espresso.
    espresso grind will clog the filter basket and can cause it to block or split.

    on the cubika i find the drain tray and the steam arm height a pain.
    the steam arm lenght is made easier by raising the machine.

    the ikon is a thermoblock unit and is probably easier to use

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    Re: Of Breville, Sunbeam and Gaggia

    > the ikon is a thermoblock unit and is probably easier to use

    No, ahxiongko is correct - the Ikon has a ss boiler. I cant comment on the Cubika but the Ikon (upgraded with single-wall baskets of course) enjoys a pretty strong following here.

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    Re: Of Breville, Sunbeam and Gaggia

    yea, ive been reading a lot about the ikon, and theyre good things too! one thing about the cubika is its wattage. almost HALF of ikons, which gave me crappy steam and heating up took ages.

    im not really a beginner so i wouldnt mind it being a bit hard to use, i LOVE the effort put into making a perfect cup of espresso, and hopefully the ikon can do a better job than the cubika. think so? and i buy my beans from victoria market. they are able to grind it for me, but hopefully the EM 480 will do the job after i get the new machine.

    also, i am definitely getting the krups single-wall basket if i get the ikon. would this sound better than the cubika still? any other machines worth considering?

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