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Thread: Seconds outlets... any issues ???

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    Seconds outlets... any issues ???

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all, Ive been a reader of Coffee Snobbs for a week or two now and love the site. Who knew there was this much to learn about DIY coffee...

    Im about to embark on my ‘real’ coffee from home journey. I have a budget of $400 for both an Espresso machine and grinder. Now I know (from these forums) this is less than optimal, but hey you’ve got to start somewhere, right!

    I’m thinking the Breville Ikon BES400 along with the addition of a Breville Bar Italia ESP4 basket, and finally the Sunbeam EM0450 grinder. All in all, hopefully not too bad a launching pad??

    My question is, *are the various ‘seconds’ outlets worth considering for my purchases?? Or am I likely to be looking at repaired equipment and potentially asking for a whole lot of trouble?? Anyone had either good/bad experiences??

    My gut says stick with the major retailers and just beat them down on price as much as I can, and if anything goes wrong with the gear then replacement should be straight forward. But then reducing the cost to a little as possible *will help keep the WAF high.


    p.s. Im based in Melbourne if relevant.

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    Re: Seconds outlets... any issues ???

    Hi davmatt,

    I am also new to Coffee Snobs, bit the bullet last weekend and as a first purchase bought the Breville Ikon BES400 @ $129. A bargain I thought for the machine.

    Only made a few coffees with the pressurised baskets, but will keep mucking around for my first machine. Definitely better than instant!

    Went to both the Breville and Sunbeam Seconds shops in Redfern/Alexandria area in Sydney. Both had a great range of machines from budget to expensive Sunbeam 6910 @ around $489. Also had grinders, knock boxes etc. No Sunbeam 0480 grinders in stock though until April.

    Seconds machines may be display units, demos, damaged boxes, and possibly repaired machines but do come with 12 month factory warranty.

    I am sure others have bought from seconds stores and have had no problems.



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