Hello all.. First time poster and finding this forum tres informative!!

I am quite the coffee obsessive, but Im a student and cant exactly afford the creme de la crema.. I make coffee on a $60 mezzo espresso machine I got from Aldi, and a Breville Cafe Roma grinder. Im pretty happy with them, for what they are.. the machine has lasted nearly 2 years now, so Im pretty impressed with that.

Those of you whove owned very cheap, bottom of the barrel machines.. Any tips on how I should go about cleaning it? I ran descaler through it the other night, and definitely noticed the coffee now tastes a lot cleaner. I know that with commercial machines you want to backflush them, but Im scared if I do that Ill bust the boiler or something.

Also, just reading around Ive learned about pressurised baskets, and that my machine has one.. Im a bit miffed about that, I thought it at least had a good basket!! where do you guys find extra non-pressurised baskets to replace them with?