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Thread: Gaggia Carezza dead

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    Gaggia Carezza dead

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    I have a Gaggia Carezza from which Ive had over 6 years moderate use (about 4xcappuccino a week). A while back the pump pressure seemed a bit weak so I sent it for repairs and it came back with a good fraction of the internal plumbing replaced, which didnt strike me as exactly the right solution; it seemed no different after. Recently its had a more major failure: if you try to make an espresso, you get a brilliant flash at the switch and no pump action.

    Is it time to put the machine in the trash or is this repairable at reasonable cost? (Im not sure if I trust the original repair shop, Dynamic Electroservices, Brisbane -- they seem to operate on a standard parts list basis rather than diagnose and fix.)

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    Re: Gaggia Carezza dead

    Hi! *I have a Gaggia Classic which I think is very similar to the carezza in how it operates. *The case is a bit different though..... *I also took my machine to Dynamic with a similar problem. * :-? *They fixed it up great. * :) *I think the pump was faulty. *Im surprised you are having trouble. *Did you take it back? *Have you been descaling the machine? *I had a blockage in my machine and managed to make it better with some descaler. *I left it on with descaler inside for about 30 minutes while reading the paper. *The stuff that came out was cloudy. *Worked great after that. *Id suggest that you should try a descale if you havent already. *Failing that take it back to Dynamic for a quick look.

    Hope you are not drinking instant.... *:o

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    Re: Gaggia Carezza dead

    Quote Originally Posted by coffee lover link=1209258769/0#1 date=1222092044
    Hope you are not drinking instant.... :o
    Welcome "coffee lover"..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    I hope he isnt too.... Given that the post above is dated 27-04-2008 :o

    Just pulling your leg mate. Youll have to give us an insight into your coffee background one of these days; we even have a thread setup just for that purpose...

    Cheers cl, :)

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