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Thread: Machine to go with Gaggia MDF

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    Machine to go with Gaggia MDF

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey all, as per title I have a MDF grinder that Im pretty happy with (although the doser could be alot better) but need a replacement machine to go with it.

    The Gaggia Classic seems popular on here but Im concerned about the corrosion problems associated with aluminium boilers.

    What do people think of the Saeco Aroma? They seem like a good buy for sub $300 and they have a stainless boiler and are rated to 15 bar.

    Any other options I should be looking at?

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    Re: Machine to go with Gaggia MDF

    Sunbeam EM6910...might be a bit more than the Classic but good kit. I dont know if the MDF will feed it...others that have had that combo might chime in although I thought it was geared to the Classic so it would then feed the 6910.


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    Re: Machine to go with Gaggia MDF

    I realise many people are happy with their EM6910s but I had alot of problems with a EMO480 (hence I returned it and bought the Gaggia) and wont be buying another Sunbeam.

    I think I would be going for a Rancilio Silvia in that price range. Actually Ive got the green light from my better half to spend about $700. Are there any good deals at the moment on a Silvia from any sponsors? (preferably in Melbourne)

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    Re: Machine to go with Gaggia MDF

    Sorry, I dont do
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    FS - Rancilio Silvia - WA
    on: 23. Apr 2008 at 18:03 I have a trusty workhorse, in the shape of a Miss Silvia, for sale and needs to go to a good home . Just over 2 years old. The price is $500. I would rather not ship, so buyer in Perth/Mandurah area preferred (Im in Safety Bay).

    Standard Description:
    * Iron supporting frame.
    * Body and control panel in satin stainless steel.
    * Equipment: 1 filter holder, 1-cup filter, 2-cup filter, measuring spoon, coffee press.
    * Dimensions in mm. (LxWxH)
    290 x 235 x 340
    * Electromagnetic pump
    * Weight - 10 kg
    * Boiler heating element
    1100W for 230V
    * Internal water tank capacity
    Lt. 2.5

    Been used constantly with filtered water, cleaned and cared for regularly. No dings. Reason for sale is upgrade to Rocket Giotto.

    I dont know if this Silvia has sold yet, might be worth a look. Its in machinery for sale section..............................

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    Re: Machine to go with Gaggia MDF

    Thanks for that. I think Id prefer to go new though, especially given how well they seem to retain their value.

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