I am very new to this game and have been reading up over the last few weeks on what to buy my wife for a decent, but budget setup. I originally had a ~$300 budget after reading Choice and deciding on a Sunbeam Cafe Latte. Then to find CS and see the real results, I have changed my mind too many times and now I have ended up with a Breville ICON on order and I have pretty much decided on a Rocky... after not even knowing why you needed to spend so much on a grinder!! (budget out the window)
BUT, I cant really find somewhere in Perth to purchase from for the right price.. Does anyone have a suggestion?

ebay is my usual place to shop, but I would like to have a bit of support with this gear as I want to get it right.

Any help appreciated.

BTW: I dont even drink coffee, :o but would like to try it ou of this rig when it is right.