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Thread: Breville 800series temp issues - fixed-

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    Breville 800series temp issues - fixed-

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    Well I finally got a decent dmm with a k-type probe and have been measuring the temp of just about everything sight. Got some interesting results from the 800series that i thought i share (using the krups, non-presurised baskets). I tested the extraction temp with the probe both at the actual shower screen, and (more importantly) with the probe embedded into the actual coffee puck.
    Consistantly the recorded extraction temp was coming out at 89C, obviousely much to low for proper espresso extraction. Now I read another post about this machine where the guy (cant remember the thread) was apparantly getting consistant temps of 92C, so im not sure if its just my machine or if its common in the 800, but anyway, this is now working consistantly for me, everytime.
    Anyway, being a single thermoblock system, when you kick it over to steam, the thermoblock pumps out steam at 103-104C. So heres the fix or rather tweak to extract at a proper temp;
    After much trial and error (about specific timings etc) to get your extraction temp up to 96C (which is about the highest youd want for espresso), kick over the dial to engage the steam, then grind, dose and tamp the coffee. Pretty well as soon as the steam kicks in (stops looking like water, and starts looking like steam), flick the switch back to the center (neutral) and wait just a moment. First youll hear the steam disengage, then silence. Then about a second later youll hear the pump kick in, refilling cool water into the thermablock. Slam the pf into the machine and exactly 2.5 seconds after hearing the noise (the noise wont stop, it should still be going) turn the dial over to extraction. Thisll extract at 96C. If you want a lower temp, just wait for 2.8seconds (94C) or 3.2seconds (92C). The breville will hold that consistant temp fo the first 15seconds, drop 1 degree for the next 5to10 seconds, and another degree for the next 5 to 10secs (i didnt bother testing for temp dropoff after that).

    Eureka, a decent espresso!!, whod have thought...

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    Re: Breville 800series temp issues - fixed-

    Thats pretty detailed. What exactly did you use to measure those temperatures?

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