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Thread: breville ikon leaking valve

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    breville ikon leaking valve

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    Long time no speak.

    But my Ikon is well out of warranty by now, its brewed quite a lot of coffee in its life and needs some help. The valve that controls the wand has started to leak quite badly, to the extent that during the brew process there is a constant stream of water coming out, and this seems to be affecting the pressure available to the brew. Im using single wall baskets.

    Is the valve able to be removed and cleaned? Or replaced? Has anyone else experienced this situation or have a suggested remedy? Id prefer to fix rather than replace at this stage.



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    Re: breville ikon leaking valve

    Heres an update on the steam valve. I pulled the machine apart (not difficult) and removed the valve. Its made of brass but the mating surfaces of the valve itself seem pretty poorly machined. Surface irregularities are what allows the leakage.

    I tried cleaning it up with a bit of grinding paste, but without any improvement. Then I tried to buy a replacement valve - told that they are not available as a service part.

    So much for the Ikon - pity, it made a pretty good cup. If you have one, Id recommend not tightening the valve more than is absolutely needed, the material its made from is quite soft.

    My solution: Ive ordered a Rancilio Silvia.


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