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Thread: Saeco Via Venezia Service

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    Saeco Via Venezia Service

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    After 3 years of use Im thinking about giving my Via Venezia a really good service. *Ive taken it apart a few times - mostly recently after I bought a IChallange grinder and given it a really good clean. *Then removed the pressurised parts out of the PF and started to make amazing coffee.

    Ive been quoted over $100 for a service and I really cant see why this is necessary OR what they would actually do. *I can clean the shower screen, pf seal and put cleaner through the machine. *What else is there to do?

    Does anyone have advice? *Is the general clean good enough? *Am I missing something?

    PS. *Can I put a PID on this machine ... justing thinking of the fun that I can have (or time wasted)? *Other option is to start roasting

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia Service

    start roasting and contact Greg Pullman about a custom tamper!
    i dont know thats its worth doing more than you already do. sounds fine.



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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia Service

    Thanks SD, Ill just update my details

    Ive made a custom tamper with a mate with a metal lathe. Its made of steel (not stainless) and is a little small but I have a 30 cm piece of 60mm stainless bar (weight of 7kg) which was picked up for me by a mate at work for $30. I will be turning that into a fantastic tamper very soon! With heaps of ss left over.

    I think that Ill be stopped bringing it back on the flight - I was with the last one.

    Now on the hunt for a BM to turn into a correto

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    Kicking Off With a Corretto...

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