I have been playing around with my EM3800 to try and get consistent microfoam and while I would get the odd one working it was a bit of trial and error and I couldnt repeat my good performances.

Tonight I actually sat and thought about what was wrong with the situation and thought that itd be nice if the angle of the steam wand was a bit better. So I gave it a little tug in the direction I wanted and it moved, it moved quite easily. Basically if the wand is perpendicular to the side of the machine, I have tugged it slightly forward about 10deg I reckon.

Essentially this means that the steam is being pushed toward me slightly and I find it much easier to get teh whirlpool going.

I just turned out my second beautiful jug of microfoam, no more swirling or tapping required.

Maybe this little alteration could be used on other similar Sunbeams ?

Im a happy little camper now, its just a pity life has been so expensive lately and that grinder is still a few weeks away :)