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Thread: breville grind setting didnt make a difference

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    breville grind setting didnt make a difference

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have the breville ikon grinder and espresso machine combo.

    for the value.. i like it a lot.. the milk frothing is great... but my espresso is still quite inconsistent..

    i have the unpressurized filter btw

    so i just bought this new beans from a boutique roaster in san francisco. he recommended pulling a 25-30 sec double shot.. my usual routine usually produce a 23-25 second shot

    so in the spirit to make it go slower.. i try going finer.. and tamp harder...

    eventually i went from "espresso setting" all the way to turkish .. till I am at the absolute finest at the breville grinder setting.. and i try to tamp harder and harder..

    but i am still getting the same 23-25 seconds shot..

    what am i doing wrong???

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    Re: breville grind setting didnt make a differenc

    It may be the beans. I am no expert but have found that as the beans age you have to change the grind. If they are stale it may not make a great deal of difference. As you got them from a boutique roaster they should be fresh, but then again it would depend on how much they roasted then how long they were held before sale, Also the manner in which they were stored.

    If you are getting grinds left in the cup then you are probably going to fine. If the crema is pale then you either have to tamp harder or go finer with the grind or your beans are stale.

    But having said that how does the coffee taste even with the faster shot? If it tastes good to you, I wouldnt worry to much about the time it has taken. ;)

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    Re: breville grind setting didnt make a differenc

    You can only tamp so much.

    Do you notice that the turkish setting is finer than the espresso?

    If you grind finer the pour should slow down.
    Thats a given.

    My bet is that the grinder is not good enough.

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    Re: breville grind setting didnt make a differenc

    the beans is about 2 and a half week old already.. when i got the bean.. it was roasted within 24 hours... so its staler than when I got it.. though still OK fresh.. but i guess i did see a difference between 2 weeks ago than now. i am on my last few beans left.. and today is beans buying day.. so that should help

    its true i dont see THAT much difference in espresso setting and turkish... and also.. when i inspect them in my hand... definitely not all particles are the same size...

    sorry i am a noob on this (just started this passion few months ago.. so this is my first beginner equipment.. not much to compare to )

    but in my hand.. they are relatively consistent..but some are definitely smaller than others.. is that normal? at turkish... its definitely still a little gritty.. definitely not powder like yet.

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    Re: breville grind setting didnt make a differenc

    hi boxta
    sorry i am a noob on this (just started this passion few months ago
    we all were once. someof us still are, even though we have been learning for years

    coffee is one of those, different beans of same origin even give different results, and it will be different next batch

    using a small machine for home use gives you a different perspective on your coffee
    add a grinder and the realms get bigger
    add a roaster and the world is yours for the tasting
    20+ years on, im still learning

    enjoy the experience


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    Re: breville grind setting didnt make a differenc

    Hi Boxta, and welcome!

    A few ideas:

    Different beans can give different results for your pour with the same size grind. Try a different blend from your roaster. Perhaps choose two this week, roasted on the same day: grind them on the same setting and notice the differences including the changes in crema and shot volume/time.

    Yes, it sounds like the grinder might need an upgrade when you can next afford it ;) one day... to match your preferences.

    Keep checking the taste: if it tastes great, thats what its all about really.

    Im assuming you know to stop your shot when it blonds? Not just a volumetric check in 30 seconds?

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