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Thread: EM3600R no water?

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    EM3600R no water?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    gday had this unit about 6months.

    been working perfectly then today i went to make a coffee & all it pumps out is steam no water at all..

    could the pump be stuffed ???

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    Re: EM3600R no water?

    Tank filled? Scaled recently? Any mods? Was the steam pressurised?

    Throw us a bone ;D

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    Re: EM3600R no water?

    tank was fillled, scaled with vinigar, pump was on way out, as i dismantled & checked all pipes & fittings all spotless. i only use filtered water & would only mod if warranty was finished. anyways got replacement new unit with a new 12months warranty.

    its interesting to notice the pump difference with the new machine compared to old one before it failed. seems the pump might of been faulty or thats the first thing that goes on these models..

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