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Thread: My Sunbeam 3600 Blows...

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    My Sunbeam 3600 Blows...

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    Hi There,

    Ive had this machine for several months now, and had fine tuned my technique ( thanks to the fellow snobs here) to get really great results. Then the seal blew. It looked like a mouse had nibbled half the outside lip.

    Sunbeam sent out a replacement seal as it was still under warranty, but ever since I get one good shot, and then the next has a 80% chance of blowing past the seal! If I tamp lightly and grind coarse, its ok, but I get crap coffee of course.

    I used to be able to choke the machine, but I never blew past the seal - its driving me crazy, and wasting lots of coffee!

    The Pf doesnt feel like it winds up as tightly. Both now and before I generally move it all the way to the right.

    I had modified my baskets to have less restriction, which gave me good coffee, and I presume would be lees likely to clog. Sunbeam sent me out their own coffee too, to make sure I had the right grind, but it was no better!

    What else should I try?

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    Re: My Sunbeam 3600 Blows...

    I would contact Sunbeam again and advise them it is still blowing out. If it is still under warranty they may want to have a look at it.

    I had am em4800C (Still do but not on the bench) and it use to blow out occasionally - I found I was tamping to hard or in one instance had to fine a grind.

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