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Thread: Cafe Roma Assistance Required

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    Cafe Roma Assistance Required

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ok, so I bought 2 of these yesterday, one for my sister and the other for myself.

    My sisters seems to work painlessly. Mine on the other hand seems drama filled.

    Firstly, we purchased espresso grind from Gloria Jeans, it works in my sisters, wont work in mine, or at least seems to work for one cup and then not the next.

    Secondly, it seems to take ages for the coffee to come out. Sisters is quite quick.

    Thirdly, I topped the water tank up and the heating light didnt come back on.

    Finally, the frother stopped after I filled the water tank. Am assuming this is because the water isnt heated.

    Am I doing something wrong or did I get a dud machine and need to take it back?

    The kids are screaming for their babycinos before bed, and I am in desperate need of another coffee :( :(

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    Re: Cafe Roma Assistance Required

    Adding 2 and 2 together I suspect the grind may be too fine for your filter [problem with the coffee not coming out]. I cannot explain why it seems to be OK for sis but I have had problems where the grind was too fine - the seal blows and water and grind goes to many places.

    I cannot figure out the other problems - not having had them myself.

    Were on our second Cafe Roma in 2 + months - the first had a crack in it - this one makes very weird clicking noises even when turned off (we were this close to returning it). Lucky for us they simply exchanged the first one ...

    When you do get one that is less problematic - may be worth having a look at the following link:;start=all

    Good luck.

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    Re: Cafe Roma Assistance Required

    We are also on to our second Cafe Roma.

    We had very similar problems: the water came out painfully slowly from the filter (ie a small long black took about the length of a shower!); the machine would occasionally just stop and we couldnt turn it back on again until it had had a big break; the steamer had no pressure and would just dribble out water.

    However, these problems took a while to surface so for ages we thought it was us and we cleaned and de-calcified and coaxed and patted it... until we eventually took it in for a service and were told that it was simply a dud.

    Breville replaced it with very little hassle or questions and No. 2 is a little ripper by comparison!

    Unfortunately Breville would ONLY replace it - we were angling for a credit note so we could upgrade. Oh well, next time.

    So I say waste no time in calling the service line!

    Good luck,


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    Re: Cafe Roma Assistance Required

    My wife bought me one recently (for dads day-early!) and she also bought a packet of ground coffee from Gloria Jeans. My Cafe Roma works well straight out of the box with said coffee. Take yours back, it sounds like a dud.

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    Re: Cafe Roma Assistance Required

    Hi Christeenm and welcome to CoffeeSnobs! Youre in the right place to research great stuff about coffee.

    Ive owned a Cafe Roma recently, and upgraded about 4 months ago.
    To answer your questions:

    1) and 2) - most likely the difference in tamping pressure you are using compared to your sister. Try tamping on a set of bathroom scales to get consistency - that way it wont change from shot to shot. Also weigh your grinds in the portafilter prior to tamping to reduce that variable as well. You may also find that after many shots if youve got the coffee ground particularly fine, that the fines (coffee dust) may collect in between the walls of the filter and the single exit hole and completely block that pinhole exit. Some Cafe Roma users always permanently soak their baskets in between uses to keep these fines soft so they dont block as much.

    3) and 4) did you run out of water in the tank completely? Or did it still have an inch or two in the bottom? If you ran out completely, the Cafe Roma would shut off to avoid damaging the pump. Try turning off the machine and back on again. If this doesnt work, take it back to where you purchased it.

    Good luck.

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