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Thread: Wet Carezza Pucks..

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    Wet Carezza Pucks..

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    Hello Everyone!

    Bought a S/H carezza for work last week but after pulling a shot the grouphead still drips water for a few seconds making the puck all mushy.. Is this normal for a machine without a 3way valve? I can get dry cakes in my baby dose at home every time but it doesnt leak after a shot.

    Is there a part that needs to be replaced to stop the carezza dripping? The machine doesnt look like it got much use at all by its previous owner..

    Apart from the dripping it still makes far superior coffee than the Cafe Roma did.. ;)

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    Re: Wet Carezza Pucks..

    I wouldnt worry about it.

    My Gaggia Evolution does that all the time. The puck itself is dry, but the top of it is always wet since the grouphead leaks a bit after the shot is pulled.

    Just make sure you give the water disperser and the portafilter a good scrub since the last owner may not have ever...

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