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Thread: presso problems

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    presso problems

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    I bought a presso machine absolutely love it. *Love the ritual, love the feeling of wringing the coffee out with my own two hands BUT... Ive had the same thing go wrong with two machines. *What happens is that the allen screws that hold the bracket that holds the portafilter in shear off. The bracket then pops loose (usually with spray of boiling water and coffee grind) and then the machine is unusable. *Fixing it would be difficult because the thread is sheared off in the machines body so would require retapping the screw holes or a new body.

    First time it happened about a week after I bought it and I got a replacement from the supplier. Second time occurred after about two months of use so I dont think the supplier will be as generous. My question is, is it just me or has anyone else experienced this fault? I do use my machine quite frequently - every weekday and thrice on weekends - but I *am careful about placing too much pressure on it cause of Ive heard the breaking arms stories.

    Much appreciate any help cause Im really missing my double shot morning machiatto. :(

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    Re: presso problems

    Hi nuffing and welcome to CS. Bit of a sad first post you have there.

    Presso are Sponsors, though you probably know that. Am sure that there are plenty of Presso users whove never experienced a problem.

    Whether youve had your Presso for two days or two months, Im also sure theyd want to know about the issue. I seem to recall another user having had a similar problem, and you also mention having heard of it...though I thought this had been rectified by the manufacturer.

    Contact them!

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    Re: presso problems

    You will never know unless you call them (Presso)
    It could be a pleasant surprise


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    Re: presso problems

    One would think Presso would offer 12 months domestic warranty.Sounds like the machine has a weak point where the thread is tapped.

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    Re: presso problems

    I have used my on and off and when in use - Hols give it a thrashing...

    I can only assume that if one was be up dosing to an extent that extreme pressure was used to get the PF in place that it could cause a problem.

    I do not up dose on this system as I do not find that it adds any thing to the out come...

    I find that it is a balance of grind, tamp and careful application of pressure to the levers... I have seen another post on another site where the user has snapped the levers, and can only assume a faulty casting or extreme force was being applied.

    Let us know how you go, but would expect that you would need to explain your method and send back for teh supplier to provide feed back to teh manufacturer.

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