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Thread: Cimbali Overpressure problems?!

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    Cimbali Overpressure problems?!

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    Hi All,
    This morning I got quite shocked! 10 minutes after switching my Cimbaly M27 Start on I heard a terrible noise and a lot of steam coming from the inside of the machine! Immediately I switched it off and I just had time to look at the temperature gauge and it was deep in the red sector! I was lucky I was at home otherwise I don’t know what kind of disaster could happen… I didn’t open the machine yet but must be something like a thermostat failure! Did any of you come across such a problem? I appreciate some assistance to solve this matter. Maybe JavaB, the Cimbali expert, could give me some clues. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Cimbali Overpressure problems?!

    It sounds like a pstat failure and your over-pressure valve opened to relieve the pressure.

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    Re: Cimbali Overpressure problems?!


    Yep as I said to valimar (by PM) that is one possible answer.

    The other (which I have experienced) is a pin hole or small crack in the element outer allowing water into the element - and this is most noticeable after it has been standing cold for a while.

    For some reason La Cimbali placed the pressurestat in the neutral leg - power is always applied to one end of the element. The water in the element causes current to flow - and additional heating which is not controlled by the pressurestat......

    This can be found by testing the element for leakage..... by having an earth leakage breaker (ELB) on the supply.... or leaving it like that and eventually so much water gets in.... producing so much steam.... it splits the element.... the inner touches the earthed outer causing mega amps to flow (if near the active end)..... and the house fuse will blow!!!

    Been there - done that ::) :-[ :-[

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