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    Expobar Megacrem

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well bit the bullet this week and bought a new coffee machine, the old one is still sitting on a workbench waiting for a part to turn up (only been three months >:()). There is a site sponsor involved so I wont air dirty laundry here. Anyway have purchased an Expobar Megacrem and was wondering if anyone with experience with the machine can give me any advice about what to look out for or any "improvements" they have made.

    I have already had a beautiful cap out of it this morning (yes it is 5:30 and I couldnt sleep) and am really happy with it, just want to stay ahead of the curve.

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    Re: Expobar Megacrem

    Hi mc

    My first Expobar Megacrem came with a coffee van I purchased a few years ago, it was a commercial 2 group machine. I had no experience with commercial machines to that point and found it relatively easy to learn on.
    I came to love the machine and when I had a coffee cart constructed last year I bought a second Megacrem 3 group.
    More recently I bought a third (another 2 group) for a cafe I opened a few months ago.

    Having used a few machines by now I have not found one that textures the milk as well as a Megacrem; on what is possibly the only down side I do have difficulty getting a really nice evenly coloured crema. I have a Brasilia that ALWAYS seems to produce a beautiful evenly golden brown crema - same beans, same grinder, same grind, whereas my Megacrem often gives me a streaky/ spotted crema. More practise needed I guess....

    Cheers, Troy

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    Re: Expobar Megacrem

    I read a post by instaturator that this comes from the water being too hot hitting the puck and extracting too much from the coffee grounds ie the woody bitter flavours. Any comments regarding the taste out of the two machines.

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