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Thread: Rancilio S10/DE overfilling

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    Rancilio S10/DE overfilling

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    Ive been very happy with the S10/DE machine I bought a couple of years ago, but now I have a problem with the filler. Even though the boiler is at the MAX mark and the water is touching the sensor the fill valve periodically turns on and off. I can hear it during the night - every few hours is will start clicking on and off a few times. By the morning it is overfull, about 1cm above MAX.

    What is the most probable cause of this fault? Does the sensor metal develop a non-conductive film over time and needs cleaning? Or is it likely to be an electronic fault, possibly noise conducted in from the mains? Is it possible for the valve to open without being activated if it is worn or during a period of high mains pressure. I do have a pressure regulator, but I also know these are useless at regulating pressure when there is no flow. I would appreciate any help in identifying the cause of this.


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    Re: Rancilio S10/DE overfilling

    maybe the probe is scaled up? Id pull it out and clean it up. Might not solve it, but a good place to start I think.

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