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Thread: Wega Atlas - any owners?

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    Wega Atlas - any owners?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just wondering if anyone would comment on relative merits of a Compact 2 group volumetric Wega Atlas for moderate home use. Any pros or cons? Has been suggested as a possible machine for my home upgrade.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Wega Atlas - any owners?

    I imagine that would be fantastic as a home machine. Just do some nice long cooling flushes between idle times.

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    Re: Wega Atlas - any owners?

    2 group for home?

    Unless youre running a cafe or training for barista comps, I would never buy a 2 group for home. You will never need the capacity for a 2 group unless you have 20 guests over and want to bump out 20 coffees presto.

    Put it this way...there are some cafes who own 2 group machines who would better be serviced owning a single group commercial. Overkill and a waste of money imo.

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    Re: Wega Atlas - any owners?

    i guess i would kinda agree with david here. two groups does sound "excessive".
    But seriously though, who the hell needs a 127cm plasma with HD or a monaro GTS, or a boat THAT big, or a horse stable, or a two storey barbie doll house for the kids or.....

    it aint always about just what i need, fairly often theres a bit of just what i want.

    just done expect it to make you REALLY happy.

    Besides, TRUE happiness only comes with a mistral, or a fb80, or synesso or a GS3 or a......

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