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    Gday all,

    I recently repaired a wiring loom on my friendís FaemaTronic (E83?).
    He purchased the machine second hand and didnt get an instruction manual.
    Does anyone know what the LED display at the bottom right do/for?
    It has one switch that cycles through three parameters. Also three lights to the left of the display. I think that he is missing a sticker on the front?
    The attached picture is one I found on the net, not his actual one.

    Also my friend thinks that the brew pressure is lower than when it used to work. The wiring loom that I repaired provided power to the pump and front fill light. The machine hasnt been working for about one year. Is there a way to adjust the brew pressure? Screw on the side of the pump?
    I didnít test the pressure in anyway so I am just going off his one year ago memory ďgut feelingĒ.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: FaemaTronic

    These Faemas are very sensitive and you will require the right tools.Where are you located?

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