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Thread: replacing vibe pump for Rotary__HELP

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    replacing vibe pump for Rotary__HELP

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    a week or so ago I sold my Mini Grimac to a friend in Cali.
    I replaced with a Grimac One Group
    with rotary pump..

    and talking coffee with him I kind of push him to buy a Rotary pump... which he did..:/

    now thats where my "skillz" end.. :)

    any idea where he can find help or a walk through on how to replace the vibe pump in the Mini Grimac to put that rotary pump..!

    thanks in advance,


    here is the back of the Mini
    to have an idea where hell be working on.

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    Re: replacing vibe pump for Rotary__HELP

    Can you tell me what you think of the Grimac Group One? Have you been pleased with it? Have you had to do much by way of tweaking or adjusting? And is it an easy or a hard machine to drive?

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    Re: replacing vibe pump for Rotary__HELP


    the Grimac One Group its an amazing machine..

    4liter boiler
    rotary pump
    e61 group head
    and all you want from a HX espresso machine..
    steam power is unlimited and once you have everything setup is super easy to drive..

    highly recommended...

    Both Grimac I had and sold (Mini Grimac and the one group) got me two new friends.. thats how good they are..;)

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    Re: replacing vibe pump for Rotary__HELP

    Mine is the same I think - But badged Ala di Vittoria and also known as Arte di Vittoria or Classica 1 Group.
    as far as I know it is the smallest of the machines made by BFC srl in their Classica range.

    I think mine is amazing too! But Juanjo has much nicer tamping stands and portafilter holders and handles etc etc. than me
    Im sure they contribute to the overall feel of the machine when using it.

    As far as the rotary pump conversion goes, I seem to remember seeing one on homebarista or a similar site. A google search may get it for you.
    I would suggest for starters (understanding that I am not a qualified anything in relation to these types of machines):
    - Comparing the plumbing of the rotary pump (in your 1 group) with that of the mini grimacs pump to find major differences/similarities.
    - Comparing power requirements of new pump and old pump to see if the current power supply can be used.
    - Measuring available space inside the machine (assuming it fits in the chassis and you want to put it internal rather than external)

    Apart from that, if you guys know what youre doing just rip the old one out and plumb in the new one. Let me know how it goes.

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