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Thread: La Cimbali Junior vs Rancilio Epoca S1 (tank)

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    La Cimbali Junior vs Rancilio Epoca S1 (tank)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I am ready to make the step up to a small commercial machine from my Isomac Tea. The Tea has been great but has its limitations. I want a plumbed in machine. Weve just put a refurbished La Cimbali Junior in at the office - great crema and steam that goes for ever, so I have me eye out for one of these to put in at home. However Ive just seen a Rancilio Epoca S 1 group, plumbed in version. Does anyone have any experience with one of these? Specs look similar i.e. large boiler, rotary pump etc. :)

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    Re: La Cimbali Junior vs Rancilio Epoca S1 (tank)

    Hi MhojoNZ

    I was in a similar situation late in 2008 where I was trying to choose between the La Cimbali Junior S (tanked) and the Rancilio Epoca (tanked) machines.

    Unfortunately when I approached the Rancilio dealer in Brisbane he didnt have any Epoca available for me to check out at the time.

    In the end, a mate of mine ended up getting a La Cimbali Junior S (tanked). He was so impressed with it that I ended up buying one as well after having a play around on his. The Junior S was a big step up from the $300 Delonghi 330S manual machine that I had been using for the 2 years prior to puchasing the Junior.

    In the end the build quality of the La Cimbali Junior won me over and its reputation for lasting 20 years plus. My Junior S has the vibratory pump whereas I see that you want to buy the rotary pump versions.

    I have just recently bought a fitted Pullman tamper and ridgeless basket for my Junior S and that has improved the consistency and quality of my shots considerably.

    All I can say is that Im extremely happy with the La Cimbali Junior S and I am making espressos better than nearly all the cafes I have tried in Brisbane.

    Sorry I cant help you with the Rancilio but at the time I was looking there wasnt a lot of information available about them in terms of user reviews/feedback.

    Best of luck.


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    Re: La Cimbali Junior vs Rancilio Epoca S1 (tank)

    Welcome MhojoNZ.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Theres a lot more to the nominal quality of coffee in the cup than the basic specifications of various makes of machines.

    The La Cimbali has a long standing name for quality in all the right places and then converting that into quality in the cup, all else being equal. Rancilio machines have a good name within the industry too but the only way you can compare one with the other is to be able have each machine demod by a barista who knows how to use each machine and then try a few brews from each of them. Would be even better if you can supply a batch of your favourite beans as you will be familiar with how it tastes and then have a go at using each machine yourself.

    In the end, specs dont mean an awful lot unless you were comparing two or more unknown machines and even then, youve got to have a hands-on try-out to see which does it better for you. All the best mate,


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