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Thread: rebuilding / cleaning an old machine where to start?

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    rebuilding / cleaning an old machine where to start?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi CS

    I picked up a cheap commercial 2 group 15 amp (3000w element) machine today, will start a proper "rebuild" thread once that begins with lots of pics :)

    kind of a free machine after "buying" the grinder....I had a laugh
    press button machine *(volumetric?) its in a dirty state, plenty of grease and gunk to kick off the fun....

    so where do i start with the clean

    its been sitting in a garage for a year half full of water and i am reluctant to even turn on the power before giving it a good clean. reckon the car boot ride would have stirred it up nicely :(

    should I pull out the boiler and start a big clean,
    any one got some "what / how to" steps to kick me off in the right direction

    not sure even where to start the rebuild thread... 1500 - 3000 or 3k
    plus? new it may have been 3k+?

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    Re: rebuilding / cleaning an old machine where to start?

    Be sure to post your resto thread in the $3k+ section.

    Best way to approach these things is really just to get stuck in, but proceed only at a rate youre comfortable with - no point in doing all this work if you end up damaging something or not being able to re-assemble the thing! Not that either situation is very likely haha, these machines are really quite simple in an engineering sense.

    Before getting stuck in, you could test to make sure the element is going (have it going just long enough to ensure the boiler is getting warm), and that the electronics are still good (electronic controllers are a VERY expensive part to replace - you could probably buy another ex-industry machine for the same price!)

    Other than that, get stuck in and start taking those photos! Be sure to post up pictures of anything youre unsure about, and dont be afraid to ask silly questions :)

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    Re: rebuilding / cleaning an old machine where to start?

    Ive just finished doing the same thing. As per AndyNZ, highly recommend you take pictures of absolutely everything, before anything comes apart....

    Download or ask for a copy of the manual.

    Buy a kilo of citric acid powder from a home brew store. I was using a mix of about 30:1, which worked quite well. Expect all the brass bits to turn pink / copper colour.

    Change all the seals & gaskets while youre at it. Theyre cheap and you dont want to have to go back again to replace something you could have done easily before.

    Check with an electrician if you can run it from a 10A outlet. My boiler element on a 2 group was 2850W and it turns out it can be used from a normal outlet (depending on what else is on that circuit).

    Good luck.

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