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Thread: Another Bezerra in the house

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    Another Bezerra in the house

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I just finished the refurb on my new acquisition. A Bezerra BZ 35e. This is a small commercial machine with a 2 l boiler, so is very suited to home use. Its also not too much larger than the BZ 99 and will fit in the kitchen nicely. My machine has a fluid-o-tech vibe pump, so doesnt need to be plumbed in, but can be if desired. It doesnt have an internal tank, so Im using an external water container.

    I only had the machine for 2 days when it decided to stop. Well it actually ran, but not well enough to make coffee. I thought it was the pump dying on me. However, after pulling it apart, I found the true culprit.... lime scale! So 3 containers of citric acid later as well as a bottle of CLR (sulfamic acid plus detergent) and some phosphoric acid and shes clean and fresh like a new baby. Scale aside, this machine really needed this, as the previous owner had run the machine with the water level below the element, so the boiler had a smell that was ..... really bad. So everything metal got an acid bath and pipes scrubbed with pipe cleaners and test-tube brushes.

    Heres the end result:

    Heres the cute little boiler and HX after their bath:

    And heres what was left inside (room for a tennis court :D)

    The machine still hasnt graduated to the kitchen yet. These Bezerra machines are fabulous to work on. Very easy to access and remove parts. Every part is available as a replacement and the build quality is very high. The only remaining problem is the 4 hole steam tip. Im looking for a 2 hole ECM or Diadema tip to replace this monster tip that heats milk for a single cappuccino in about 8 secs (no room for error, and plenty of errors on my part).

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    Re: Another Bezerra in the house

    Beautiful reco Sparky
    The more I see of these machines and their build quality the more I like them!!

    Ive been considering a second hand BZ99S but I think a Domus or maybe the BZ35 would suit my situation better...

    [s]I see that you can get fluidotech vibe pump off coffeeparts or I suppose Barazi Bezzera could change it over at purchase time...[/s] Im sure the standard pump purchased will hook up to a reservoir.

    How did your La Pavoni project go and do you miss the* BZ35e that you sold off?

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    Re: Another Bezerra in the house

    Although its an old thread, its still a great job on the referb
    I am sure the BZ35e will have another decade of faithful service after your loving restoration

    I really like my Bezzera BZ40 and I have no problem with the 4 hole steam tip


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    Re: Another Bezerra in the house

    nice one

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